Shoulder Pain

Papa Chiropractic & Physical Therapy is pleased to let you know that our Jupiter chiropractor is certified and skilled in treating acute and chronic shoulder pain. Perhaps you tried the RICE therapy or took medications that provided only short-term relief. What chiropractic care offers is a safe, non-surgical way to experience lasting pain relief by treating pain at its source. It facilitates quick healing and strengthens your shoulder bones, joints, and connective tissue to prevent new injuries.  

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Understanding the Shoulder Joint

The upper arm bone fits into the shoulder socket. Together they form the shoulder joint which connects to the shoulder blade and collarbone. There's also the rotator cuff surrounded by muscles and tendons that help keep the joint stable but highly flexible to allow you to extend, flex, and rotate the arm.  

Injuries and Conditions That Cause Shoulder Pain 

When the shoulder is hurt, unstable, or in pain, it can stop you from playing sports or doing almost anything that involves bearing weight or using the upper arm. Some common causes of pain are muscle strains or labral tears from overuse, poor posture, or degenerative joint disease, e.g., osteoarthritis. Other causes are:

  • A direct hit to the shoulder
  • Rotator cuff tears
  • Rotator cuff tendonitis
  • Dislocated shoulder joint 
  • Broken or fractured shoulder
  • Inflammation of the bursae (bursitis)
  • Neck and back misalignment 

Typical Pain Symptoms 

Acute injuries typically cause sudden sharp pain, difficulty moving the arm or shoulder, swelling, or tenderness. Pain and stiffness from wear and tear or repetitive use may be mild but becomes severe over time. Tingling or numbness is possible if the pain is linked to a pinched spinal nerve.

Chiropractic Shoulder Pain Treatment in Jupiter 

Our chiropractor will examine your shoulder and spine to pinpoint the cause of the pain. Depending on the diagnosis, chiropractic adjustments, soft tissue therapies, and rehabilitative exercises can be packaged together to optimize relief, restore shoulder stability, and increase flexibility.

  • Shoulder Adjustment: Gentle manipulations work to mobilize and put the shoulder structures back in place as well as restore normal functions. Realigning the dislocated joint may even provide instant pain relief.
  • Spinal Adjustment: Vertebral subluxation in the neck or back causing pain to radiate to the shoulder can be corrected by adjusting the spine. 
  • Massage Therapy: Works by activating brain chemicals called endorphins that provide natural pain relief. Therapeutic massages also relax tense shoulder muscles, reduce inflammation, and encourage soft tissue healing and repair. 

We also offer nutrition counseling on healthy food choices that help decrease inflammation, support whole-body repair, and improve overall wellness.

Our chiropractor can help you with non-invasive drug-free pain management

The professional team at Papa Chiropractic and Physical Therapy in Jupiter will work together to ensure your recovery needs are met. Call (561) 744-7373 to book your appointment in Jupiter today or request one online. We also have two other locations you can visit, Palm Beach Gardens 561-630-9598, and Port St. Lucie 772-337-1300.   

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