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Neck Treatment Alignment

When you refer to something or someone as a "real pain in the neck," you're probably describing an intolerable situation -- and that's exactly what neck pain can be. If your neck pain is making it impossible for you to drive safely, sleep through the night or perform your job, you're living an intolerable scenario. The good news is that Pap Chiropractic and Physical Therapy can pull you out of that nightmare by providing drug-free, surgery free neck pain management.

Getting to Know Your Neck Pain

The neck is a complicated piece of biological machinery, which can make the source of your neck pain less than obvious. The vertebrae in the cervical spine, the facet joints that articulate these vertebrae, the muscles and connective tissues that support the head and permit normal neck motion, and the sensitive nerve tissue that runs through the spinal column can all create significant pain in the face of an injury or biomechanical dysfunction. Some of the most common neck pain culprits include:

Head/neck misalignment - A long-standing misalignment in the way your skull sits on the top of your cervical spine can leave you suffering from subtle but pervasive muscle tension and spasms. Poor posture can cause the same problem, as seen in the chronic head drop of text neck.

Degenerative conditions - Spinal arthritis, facet joint stress due to bulging discs (which tend to "go flat" over time, affecting the space between vertebrae), a forward shifting of vertebrae called spondylolisthesis, and a reduction of spinal canal diameter called spinal stenosis can cause nerve pain and joint inflammation.

Whiplash - Whiplash can injure several components in the neck simultaneously. When a violent collision flings your head forward and backward, the cervical vertebrae can become dislocated as muscles, tendons, and ligaments sustain damage. A herniated cervical disc may even press against nerve roots, causing neck pain as well as upper extremity pain.

Getting Help From Our Chiropractors in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter and Port St. Lucie

Our chiropractors in Palm Beach Gardens, Jupiter, and Port St. Lucie can put a stop to your neck pain by correcting its underlying triggers. Chiropractic adjustments can restore normal cervical alignment while corrective exercises help you increase neck strength and flexibility. Our Jupiter office also offers massage therapy to ease pain and inflammation for faster healing in injured neck tissues, while our Jupiter, Palm Beach Gardens, and Port. St. Lucie offices can administer spinal decompression to treat herniated cervical discs. An initial evaluation can help us pinpoint the exact source of your pain and recommend the ideal combination of natural, drug-free pain management therapies for your condition.

Take Control of Your Neck Pain Today

Stop letting neck pain call the shots in your daily life. Take control today by calling Papa Chiropractic and Physical Therapy for an evaluation. We're ready to serve as your trusted source for all-natural Florida neck pain management!

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